Adolescent Inpatient Program

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Each year we treat countless teenagers with addiction problems through our Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization programs. Our professional staff has years of combined experience working with mood, behavior and substance abuse. Highlights of our services include:

  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Recovery skills
  • Academic support
  • Recreation therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Parent & teen support

It is important to note that teens exhibiting addiction tendencies may suffer from other undiagnosed illnesses. Many teens suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD or similar illnesses. It is rare that drug use occurs without depression and/or bipolar disorders. When these are present in combination with addiction, it is crucial that they also be treated to ensure a more positive prognosis at the time of discharge. Click here to learn more about why teens use drugs.

For more information or to make a referral to this program, please call the assessment counselors at 678-442-5858.

Why do teenagers use drugs?

  • Because it feels good
  • They feel pressure from other kids
  • It helps to deal with unpleasant feelings
  • Depression

For most teens, the experimental use of alcohol and/or drugs might be considered fun or perhaps even provide relief from stress or a personal loss. Initially, only a small amount of alcohol or drugs is used to numb those nagging unpleasant feelings, but as those emotions intensify, more and more of the addictive substance must be used to deaden the pain… so begins the cycle of addiction.

Many of the emotional overloads experienced by today’s teenagers can be traced to one of the following root causes:

  • Conflicts with parents or friends
  • Major family illness or surgery
  • Divorce or custody battle
  • Death of a loved one
  • Suicide of a friend
  • Substance abuse within the family
  • Unrecognized depression, bipolar disorder or other mental health disorders

Our services provide treatment for issues such as mood, behavior and substance abuse. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety and behavioral issues are also addressed. These problems are manifested by:

  • Change in eating and sleeping habits
  • Isolation from family
  • Thoughts of death
  • Drug use
  • Poor concentration
  • Decline in grades
  • Feelings of not belonging
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Change in peer group
  • Poor memory
  • Poor motivation
  • Expecting the worse
  • Knowing friends who have been suicidal
  • Running away
  • Violent behavior
  • Wondering if anyone would miss them
  • Alcohol use
  • Personality change
  • Avoiding feelings
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Irritability
  • Neglecting appearance
  • Mood swings
  • Secretive behavior
  • Talking about suicide
  • Verbally abusive

Many of these behaviors may be seen as “normal” for teens. However, when multiple behaviors are noticeable, it may indicate that the teenager has a serious problem that can respond to treatment. Some teens have problems with depression/bipolar disorder AND alcohol and drugs.

For more information or to make a referral to the adolescent program, please call the assessment counselors at 678-442-5858.